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Other groups also organise birding activities and events which many CBOC members can participate in.  These vary from collecting data on the birds that we love, to providing help with habitat restoration and other important conservation initiatives.  

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Dates for 2023: Tuesdays - Tuesdays for 9 weeks from 12 Sept 


Every year Cumberland Bird Observers Club partners with the Sydney Olympic Park Authority to carry out the Spring Bird Census.  CBOC members survey over 45 sites around Sydney Olympic Park and Bicentennial Park.  Surveys start in September, continue for eight weeks, and are conducted on Tuesday mornings.  Even if you are unable to commit to the full 8 weeks, your help on some survey days will be useful and appreciated.  An information and training session is held on the Tuesday morning the week before the first survey.

For more information, refer to our Conservation actions.

Bird Week: 16-22 October 2023


Make a difference for bird conservation by giving a moment of your time to count the birds that are counting on you. Participate in the Aussie Bird Count during Bird Week in October and use your observation skills for a 20-minute period to make a simple but important contribution to Birdlife Australia’s conservation initiatives. 


Each year people across the country head out to their front yards, backyards, courtyards, parks and play areas to count how many birds they see to provide a snapshot of Australia’s more common bird species. It’s a fun, simple and safe activity observing nature, which is proven to provide benefits to mental health and wellbeing.


Collecting this data at the same time each year allows us to look at the trends in our bird communities over time. Think of birds as a barometer for nature, as their health and wellbeing is one of nature’s best indicators. 


Join the flock for Australia’s largest citizen science project – Aussie Bird Count. 

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or download the Aussie Brid Count app

Every 1st and 4th Saturday of each month


The Cumberland Plain Restoration program is run by Greater Sydney Landcare. It occurs on the 4th Saturday of every month and involves a 2-hour birding segment followed by a 2-hour session where attendees help clear a patch of native bushland of invasive weeds. 


The morning takes place in a Cumberland Plain ecosystem which is the historic native habitat of Cumberland county. Now with less than 9% of the original Cumberland Plain Woodland remaining, projects like these are extremely imperative in order to secure a future for Sydney’s native biodiversity. 


Attendees can expect to learn about the aviculture of the Cumberland Plains as well as the native vegetation that our native birds need in order to thrive. Land management practices are used in the Bushcare part of the morning and it informs volunteers about the invasive vegetation that threatens the ecosystem, and how its spread can be curtailed.


You can find further information about the program at:


 You can find out about specific events and register for them at:

Dates for 2023: 14-15 October.  Dates for 2024: 17-18 February


The Cowra Woodland Birds Program seeks to address concerns that woodland birds appear to be declining in rural landscapes in the Cowra district.  Its activities involve bird surveys and monitoring of the gathered data, as well as habitat restoration and conservation.  The program runs quarterly bird surveys on 94 sites in the district to provide data which can assist the conservation of the local birds and their habitat.  For more information, refer to our our Conservation actions.

CBOC members have been participating in these surveys for many years.  The surveys are done on both the Saturday and Sunday mornings, with social functions on the Friday and Saturday nights.

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AOC Website

Tuesday 28 to Thursday 30 November 2023


the 2023 Australasian Ornithological Conference will be held in Brisbane from 28-30 November 2023 with events the day before and after (workshops, field trips, a board meeting, socials etc.).


Parramatta River Shorebird Counts

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