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Jim Dixon

Jim is one of the founders of the club and served as both President and Vice President for nearly 30 years.  He still assists with the Club's newsletters.

Jim Dixon 2 - landscape.jpg
Cathy Goswell

Cathy joined the club in 1996 and has been on the Committee in a variety of roles ever since.  She is currently our Vice President and Publicity Officer.

Cathy Goswell 2 - landscape.jpg
Andrew Patrick

Andrew joined the club in 1996 and served as Publicity Officer for over 10 years.  He has also been Vice President and was the Website Manager for over 20 years.

Andrew Patrick - landscape adjusted.jpg
Athol Colemane cropped.jpg
Athol Colemane

Athol is one of the founders of the club and was the original President.  He also served on the Committee in other positions for several years.

Colin Scouler - cropped.jpg
Colin Scouler

Colin joined the club in 1989 and was the Bird Records Officer for over 10 years and has been, and still is, a valuable member of the Publications Team. 

Jane Miller cropped.jpg
Jane Miller

Jane was Treasurer for several years and then spent over 14 years as Editor or on the Publications Team from 1990.


Keith Brandwood

Keith served as President of the club in the early 1980s for nearly 10 years and then spent around 20 years as Activities Officer.  Sadly, he passed away in 2023.

Keith Brandwood.JPG
John Duranti

John served as Treasurer for 13 years and Bird Records Officer for 6 years.  He was very willing to assist new Committee members.  He passed away in 2016.

John Duranti.JPG
Tony Dymond

Tony was a founding member of the club and has served in a variety of key Committee positions for nearly 40 years.  Sadly,  he passed away in 2024.

Tony Dymond cropped.jpg
Janet Love

Janet served as Treasurer from 1992 for 12 years.  She organised Meeting suppers and her Christmas cakes and hot cross buns were legendary!  Sadly, she passed away in 2022.

Janet Love cropped.jpg
Ian Johnson cropped.jpg
Ian Johnson

Ian joined the club in 1984 and has held a number of Committee positions since then.  He was Conservation Officer for over 20 years and sadly, passed away in 2023.

Arnold McGill 1981_edited.jpg
Arnold McGill

Arnold McGill was a founding member and Patron of CBOC and was active in the club until his death in 1988.  He was awarded an OAM in 1984 for his services to ornithology.

Tony Saunders - landscape.jpg
Dr Tony Saunders

Tony joined the club in 1984 and was on the Committee for 14 years.  He led many outings and events and was a regular newsletter contributor.  Sadly, he passed away in 2023.

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