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Let's Go Birdwatching
- Australia's first birdwatching TV series

TV crew interviewing CBOC member
Chris Saville (holding camera) and Andy Doldissen interviewing a CBOC member

The Cumberland Bird Observers Club is proud to present Australia's first birdwatching TV series "Let's Go Birdwatching".

Created and hosted by the club's publicity officer, Andrew Patrick, this four-part series looks at birds and birdwatching throughout the greater Sydney region.

Each episode is themed around different types of birds starting with backyard birds and moving on to waterbirds, seabirds and finally bush birds.

The series is not a wildlife documentary but is more of an instructional guide for beginners. Each episode includes excellent footage of many of Sydney's birds accompanied by information and identification pointers.

Presenter Andrew Patrick
Host Andrew Patrick

There are segments about binoculars, telescopes, field guides, birdwatching hints and tips plus a discussion about some of Sydney's birdwatching hotspots. Many of these segments are presented by club member Aimee Freimanis. There are also segments about attracting birds to your garden presented by long-time birdscaper Dr Tony Saunders.

Such a project, made entirely with volunteer labour, would not have been possible without the generous help of many people. Of particular note are the film crew Chris Saville, Andy Doldissen and Tony Peri. Extra special thanks goes to Chris as he had the onerous task of post-production and editing. The CBOC extends its heartfelt gratitude to all those who assisted with this project.

The program was broadcast by TVS, Sydney's community TV station in June/July 2007. It has since been repeated a number of times and been shown in Melbourne and Perth.


Let's Go Birdwatching Let's Go Birdwatching Let's Go Birdwatching Let's Go Birdwatching

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